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Non- moving disregard of traffic rules deals with vehicles not in the state of motion such as parking issues.

Moving Violations deals with:

  • Driving without seatbelt.
  • Driving over speed.
  • Breaking signals.
  • Driving without a license or with an unauthorized license.
  • Failure in maintaining ACDA (Assured clear distance ahead).
  • Reckless driving.
  • DUI or DWI.
  • Crossing over a center divider.
  • Not maintaining a single lane.
  • Ignoring traffic symbols.
  • Street Racing
  • Vehicular homicide etc.

Basically, traffic violations (PA) come under misdemeanor or infractions but in case of cases like DUI or DWI, reckless driving, vehicular homicide, street racing etc are considered as criminal cases.


The consequence of moving traffic violations may include: fotomultas medellín por placa

  • Payment of fines.
  • Attending defensive driving lessons.
  • Payment of additional taxes.
  • Surrendering of license.
  • Gaining punitive points in the license.

Non-moving violations are parking violations such as

  • Parking in a non-parking zone.
  • Parking in front of a driveway
  • Parking without a special required permit.
  • Parking for a longer period causing violation of the required parking time.
  • Parking at the handicapped zone without permit.
  • Double parking.
  • Parking with an expired meter etc.


  • Receiving a ticket with the mentioning of fine in it.
  • Fighting the charge in court
  • Insurance rates may go higher etc.


Traffic violations can be misdemeanors or Felonies i.e. Criminal case. This depends upon the type of violation one conducts. A misdemeanor happens when one becomes a part of an accident and leaves the scene, driving drunk, Using drugs while driving, driver caught without license and so on. This in fact doesn’t cause severe punishments.

With respect to Felonies, they have very serious outcomes with criminal charges such as incarceration, losing basic rights etc.


Affect of Insurance charges depends upon the insurance company you are acquainted with. The chances include

  • Raising your rates for the first three years.
  • Applying a surcharge and will be removed if no further violations of traffic laws.
  • Sometime, they verify your record and if it appears to be clean with improvement. You may be left without any charges.

There are many charges affiliated to Traffic Violations which can lead to traffic tickets. Therefore not appearing in court or avoiding severe traffic violations need to be made under awareness. Otherwise dealing with Traffic violations  and its impact is a task or may be an approach to a Traffic ticket lawyer.


Pennsylvania, a northeastern and West-Atlantic region of U.S; with respect to traffic violations in Pennsylvania (PA), include traffic fines, surcharges, penalties and court fees. The Penn DOT, i.e. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is responsible for adding points to your driving record leading to rising of insurance premiums, Suspension of your license, or its revocation or cancellation.

If you prefer to fight your ticket; pleading not guilty. You need to get an efficient Traffic ticket lawyer capable enough to fight the contest and has a well-acquainted knowledge about the states Traffic laws. In Pennsylvania, you must submit your plea of not guilty to the traffic court handling your case within 10 days of receiving the traffic citation.


In case of receiving a traffic ticket in Colombia, the consequence will certainly result to heavy fine, Costs applied by court, Points being added to the driving record etc.

If you have excessive points on your record, or are charged for certain offenses, you may be analyzed for an additional year other than your fine. As usual to fight against your Traffic ticket, it is necessary to plead not guilty in the court; which requires the guidance of a well-qualified Traffic ticket attorney.

Before fighting in the court you must have the legal proof to contest along with evidence, take care of cases if your license gets suspended with guidance from your traffic attorney.

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